To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society

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“Education without morals is like a ship without a compass, merely wandering nowhere.”

—Martin Luther King Jr


Dr.Abdul Basit Syed FRSA, is a British Indian Global Peace Activist, Writer and Entrepreneur living in Croydon, U.K. He holds senior positions in various global organisations. He is accredited with Peace, Education, Trade harmony initiatives globally. His services to humanity has its history of nearly two decades.

He was born in Tamil Nadu, India and migrated in his early teens to U.K. He was inspired by his grandfather PKS Kattuwa Mohaiyadeen an Indian Freedom Fighter, was well known for his social activities and community services.

He began actively involving himself in community activities, when he witnessed the unfortunate incident involving a well-loved British soldier Lee Rigby. He initiated solutions for similar terrorism activities with the sole purpose of bringing peace and harmony among various sectors of the community promoting the prevention of similar activities in the future through his initiatives, events, and programs.


Objectives of World Moral Day

  • To spread Integrity, Development and Peace throughout the world

  • To develop social responsibility which is necessary for the 21st century

  • To remember the examples of how the moral values play a vital role in the nation’s development.

  • To make people aware of the importance of moral values in life

  • To ensure every individual self builds their basic human values

  • To ensure everyone understands the difference between Human Being and Being Humane

Impacts of Moral Values


Moral values will influence our thoughts, words and actions.


Moral values will ensure to show the good character and personality of an individual.


Moral values among the masses will bring peace and harmony amongst each other.

Zero Negativeness

In the absence of moral values, the negative cruel nature might begin to rule the world.

Positive Bond

In point of view by every country, it will bring a positive bond between the nations.

World Peace

Moral values are the only source to attain world peace which is the utmost need for humanity.

Significance of Moral Values

Moral Values Help
in Decision Making

Moral Values Can Give
Direction to Our Life

Moral Values Can
Build Character

Moral Values Can Help
in Building a Society

Moral Values Can
Build the Economy

Relation of World Moral Day with Sept 2nd


World Moral day will be a reminder for people who’ve lost valuable lives for their nations with loyalty and dedication.


WMD will be a reminder to appreciate the generous heart of nations in rebuilding the world aftermath of WWII


World Moral day will be reminder when hatred has fallen down and Kindness began to step up in the world.


World Moral day will be reminder to remember WW2 end day as a day of moral compassion.


WMD will be a reminder on how integrity among nations brought the WW2 to an end


World Moral day will be a reminder for every nation to work for equality

Re-engineering happiness

With the experience of assessing the social consequences of behaviour, Dr Abdul Basit Syed launched his 1st edition book “Re-engineering Happiness”. He believes that the book will serve as an ideal introduction for his initiative “World Moral Day”. It gives a rare insight into principles of human life and nature combined with morality and written in the simplest form. The book is filled with thoughts, arts and poems and promotes the beauty of life and happiness from understanding the moral judgments people make to covering contemporary issues, global warming and corruption due to immorality of mind.


With love we make the world

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