Why 2nd September

Before and after WWII

We have long since absorbed and dealt with the consequences by the aftermath of WWII, but powerful set of memories still remains the same.

Maintain Harmony

Every nation’s prayer over the years is to maintain peace and harmony. The date is a reminder in history when Peace began to spread throughout the world after WW2

Strengthen Unity

Celebrating Sept 2nd as “World Moral Day” helps to build moral bonds among nations to strengthen unity and reconcile.

Avoid World War III

The development and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction have raised a real specter of an unimaginable World War III if common grounds are not found. “World Moral Day” is a reminder in every year to all nations.

Making an Individual Aware

The main influence of moral value is to make an individual aware and adaptive/ with society in a positive way. Hence the end date of the cruelest war of human history will be a reminder to work for peace through the moral mind.

Disappearance of Social Evils

Many things changed once World War II was over. It also includes the disappearance of many Social Evils.