What is morality?

Morality means principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

Why is Morality important?

Imparting moral based values develops moral qualities such as humility, truthfulness, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, sacrifice among the people making them more responsible and compassionate, to ensure happiness prevails throughout the world sustaining peace.

Will the UN agree to declare a Moral Day ?

Yes, with all the collective cooperation and support from people belonging to all religions, race, caste, and creed as UN's primitive principals are tangible with the intent to celebrate Moral Day

What impact will Moral Day have?

The beauty of life with all ethical moral codes will be celebrated. This will have a positive impact with peace and boundless happiness to spread all over.

How many countries has Moral Day reached so far?

More than 52 countries

Why it should be Moral Day and not any other day?

Morality lays the foundation for peace towards a better happy world. So nothing other than Moral Day would suffice the ulterior motive.

Is it going to work?

That's an obvious yes! Because we are ensuring people across the world understand and realize the need for Morality. Also, our target is the United Nations to announce the Moral Day will make it a definite sure shot for the entire world to celebrate the beauty of Morality.

Who can join the movement?

Anyone and everyone irrespective of their age, gender, caste, creed, nationality, religion, faith, race or beliefs - who dream of a happy world and wish to be a part in making it a reality.

Is it associated with any religion or nationality or culture or political affiliation?

No! It's just branching out with the centrifuge being humanity and every individual's self-responsibility for a peaceful, beautiful and happy future ahead.

Who started this campaign?

World Humanitarian Drive, an International non-profit organisation striving to promote peace throughout the world started Campaigning for United Nations to declare "Moral Day" as we believe Morality has positive relationship with social and human values such as Equality, Honesty, Love and Care determined by the common moral standard of our society.

How can I support this campaign?

You can click here and sign in your support : Additionally, you can send a letter in writing to us or sending a video recording your support emailing to info@moralday.com WhatsApp to +447946328097 / +91 7358541277

What are your future plans?

Aiming to build peaceful happy world through WHD’s consistent events through various mediums.

Is there any other campaign or movement your organization is working on?

Yes, a couple of other activities. One is the science bazaar which is to unveil technologically sustainable inventions and channelize as it could be implemented for the betterment of the world. And the other is Trade4Peace that develops amicable relations between countries to contribute to the economic upliftment and progress to each other through trade and businesses. Click here to know more

Who funds your campaign?

There is NO monetary flow involved in the campaign.The humongous support we get across the globe are our primitive fundings.

How many people have supported the campaign so far and do you have data for it?

Around 50,000 plus people which comprises Students, Professors, businessmen, white-collar professionals with Ph.D. scholars and organizations from around the world have shown their support. Yes, we have data.

How are you intending to take this to the United Nations?

We have made a positive impact globally with heads of states from numerous countries who have shared their initial interest to voice their support in UN.